Office Health & Safety Assessment

For both office and home working spaces.

Hazards and Risks Identification, & Control Measures

This health & safety assessment is a 15 page comprehensive free report. It will give you a clear insight about the office environment hazards. It can also be applied to your home office. It contains more than 240 hazards, risks, and control measures.

These risks might be present in your office!!

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The Assessment Contains:

More than 240 hazards, risks & control measures combined.

20 Hazard Categories

The categories are: fire,  ergonomics, electrical, psychological, chemical, hygiene, welfare, light, noise, etc.

120 Identified Office Hazards & Risks

Health related, management related, financial related, task related, time related, etc.

120 Control Measures

Management measures, personal measures, PPEs, Recommendations, best practices, etc.


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