ErgoMinds Accelerator Program

Convert your Office/Home Workplace into a healthy haven in just 7-14 days & become health conscious. Reduce fatigue and work smarter.

Expensive office furniture without Office Ergonomics Awareness is like having a fancy car without a driver's License.

  • Know your workplace
  • Know your workstation
  • Know your office
  • Know your posture
  • Know potential hazards
  • Know potential risks
  • Know your symptoms
  • Create solutions
  • Become healthy
  • Reap high ROI
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Program's Level


Fast Track

Program's Goal

Healthy Employees

Successful Business

Program's Length

80 Minute Videos

7 Days To Workstation

4 Weeks To Culture

Program's Format




About The Program


ErgoMinds Accelerator Program is a 7-module online course with a workbook, guide for direct application, and a community. It shows you how to create a sustainable business by creating a safe workplace from scratch.

ErgoMinds Accelerator Program is for all current and future employees who want to work comfortably and happily. It is for all firms that have office employees.

ErgoMinds Accelerator Program is for office employees. It is for working from office and working from home.

You can access it from your office computer, home computer, mobile phone, and tablet. You can continue where you left off from any device.

ErgoMinds Accelerator Program is online and consists of training videos, tools, and a Facebook community. You complete it online, on your own time.

You watch the videos, complete the action items, use the provided tools and templates. Ask questions in the Fb group, follow the process, get results.

ErgoMinds Accelerator Program starts the minute you enroll. You can complete it in your own time and work through it as fast or slow as you wish. You get an extended access.

Free trial is open for all. it covers the welcome module and the first module. Sometimes, it depends on the free code.

Access period is the time you can use the program; it is normally a year time.

On-boarding means you can enroll into the program within the the allocated time. Once your enroll, you will have 1 year of access.

Example: Group - Standard Plan has 

  • Users: 33 max.
  • Access time: 1 year
  • On-boarding:  3 months

That means you can enroll your 33 employees anytime during the on-boarding time (3 months).  Each one of them gets access of one year from the day of enrollment.

Protect your employees with ErgoMinds for less than the cost of one disabling injury. It is priced at $5/employee/month for large groups. It is the cost your coffee/day.  As firms started to explore the benefits, they realized that their ROI is tremendous and it can be 500%.

Yes, contact us today and ask about our specials. We always try to make it affordable and easy for any group to assist their office and remote employees.

ErgoMinds Accelerator Program Content

By the end of this eLearning program, learners will be able to answer the following questions for each module and directly apply knowledge to their office environment:

Module 1

1- What is office ergonomics?

2- What is wellbeing? What is Employees wellbeing?

3- What are the benefits for employees & employers?

4- What is workplace & workstation?

5- What is workplace safety?

6- What is an accident? What is the root cause of accidents at the workplace? 



Module 2

7- What are the common workplace hazards?

- Chemical Hazards.

- Physical Hazards.

- Psychological Hazard.

- Electrical Hazards.

- Ergonomic Hazards.

- Other Hazards.

Module 3

8- What are the workstation ergonomic hazards?

- PC/Laptop.

- Office Equipment.

9- How could an office equipment cause health issues?

- Posture/Sitting/Movement.

10- What are the risk factors that are associated with office equipments?

- Wrist/Neck/Back/Arms/etc.

Module 4

11- What are the work-related disorders that are caused by office equipments?

- Muscles/Tendons/Joints/etc.

- Neck/Feet/shoulders.

- Hearing/Eyes.

12- How to know if you need office ergonomics intervention or not!

-  Ergonomic Symptoms.

- Medical/Management Symptoms.

Module 5

13- What are the Office ergonomics best practices that you can implement to create Ergonomic Solutions?

- Best Practices.

- Recommendations.

- Self- Assessment.

- Tools Needed.


Module 6

14- How can you apply the best practices to you workstation?

- Do it Yourself.

- Step by Step.

- Monitor your success.

- Iteration.

Module 7

15- How to apply office ergonomics best practices when working from home!

- From Any Spot at Home.

- Convert Home Office.

- Tips & Best Practices.

Bonus Module

Extra Selected Topics.

Learn the way that best suits you

Learn anytime, anywhere and whatever way you like with multiple device formats. ErgoMinds Accelerator Program comes with online, workbook, free updates during the access period, and community.

Online e-learning platform

Watch training videos in stunning 1080p HD. Access the training online from any desktop or mobile device, anywhere in the world, anytime you like.

Workbook & Community

Follow the online videos then use the workbook to practice and apply to your workplace. Ask questions in the community and receive the updates for free.

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How to convert your office workstation into a healthy haven in 7 days and how to be health conscious in 4-6 weeks. Pricing is based on $1 - $15/employee.


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  • 2 modules only.
  • Community Access.



  • 7 modules.
  • Access time: 1 year.
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  • 7 modules.
  • Access time: 1 year.
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  • More than 100 users
  • Nonprofit organization.
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