How Every Desk Employee Can Stay Healthy & Work Without Pain & Increase Their Productivity In 1-2 Weeks...Even If They Are Busy!

ErgoMinds, your #1 partner for creating office ergonomics culture, self-directed ergonomics assessments, self-directed training, practice, follow-ups, and much more!

Do you know how Desk Job employees really struggle with working at their desk for long hours?
Do you know how Desk Job employees hate the thought of spending the rest of their life working with pain and discomfort?
Well, ErgoMinds helps Desk Job employees work comfortably and pain free with our Online Training so they can create a healthy workplace.


BONUS #1 - FREE Report: “Health & Safety Assessment” report. This comprehensive generic report with 18 pages will give you a clear insight into office environment hazards. It can also be applied to the home office. It contains more than 300 hazards, risks, and control measuresRegular price: US$199

BONUS #2FREE Community: where you can interact with like-minded people and professionals like massage therapists, physiotherapists, mental health counselors, etc. Regular price: US$99

BONUS #3Working From Home Setup: Regular price: US$99

BONUS #4Rate Your Ergonomics Knowledge Tool: Regular price: US$49

Total FREE Bonuses: US$ 446

By the way, if you really want to work comfortably and pain free at your workstation, this 1 Week of free access lays it all out for you! Check it out here:


We help  to :

 Reduce pain & aches.

Reduce sick leave days.

Reduce employees turnover.


Increase comfort & productivity.

Increase satisfaction & retention rate.

Improve performance.

"Office Ergonomics & Employees Wellbeing" isn't magic, it's cause and effect

On the action side, provides office employees with this eLearning platform so that employees can learn at their own pace in their own environment, be it in the office or at home, to create the big reactions. As an organization, you’ll see your employees optimizing their workstations, doing work comfortably, adding value, and feeling satisfied. Only then, organizations will see the ROI of 500%.


We provide employees with:

- Know-how.

- Best practices.

- Self-evaluation tools.

- Self-assessment tools.

- Preventive measures.

- A community.



Employees will:

- Do every module.

- Do every action item.

- Do every self-evaluation.

- Practice.

- Iterate. 

- Ask questions.

Want more?

Well, if you really want to know the TOP Office Jobs Mistakes Every Desk Employee Makes... and How To Avoid Them! then you need to check our free assessment tool out right now; "Rate your office ergonomics"  & "Office Health & Safety Assessment" Tools



Here's how it works provides the means where you can participate and create your culture of a healthy workplace. This means you will have to: Know-Explain-Identify-Apply-Practice-Comply-Assess-Measure-Improve.....It increases the confidence of employees and managers in their ability to successfully identify health issues and implement ergonomic solutions wisely.

Proven Process

Follow our practical step-by-step instructions that are proven to work and track your progress using our reliable tools.

Our process is tested in theory and practice.

Expert Community

No matter how good our training is, you'll always have a question.

Get access to our community and ask your question and you will get the experts' advice.

Our Experience

More than 2000 clients received our services. 

It's widened up our expertise in Office Ergonomics. Our experience will be at your disposal.


Learning requires feedback so employees can measure progress and iterate actions to improve. 

Extended access is granted so that employees come back and maximize benefits. 

We teach the full stack

Most “Office Ergonomics & Employees Wellbeing Training Programs” present the skills and the best practices in a checklist format where employees can read and move on without the chance to digest the information. This creates clueless employees who don't fully see the iceberg. To succeed in building the culture of health you need to learn the "full stack" - 15 interconnected layers of awareness built on top of each other:

  • The Concept.
  • Potential Workplace Hazards.
  • Working From Office.
  • Workstation Hazards.
  • Risk Factors.
  • The Symptoms.
  • Work-related Health Disorders.
  • Know Your Posture.
  • Ergonomic Solution.
  • Best Practices.
  • Healthy Computing Habits.
  • Micro-breaks.
  • Use Evaluation Tools.
  • Self-Assessment.
  • Working From Home.

We provide awareness differently

We provide a self-directed learning environment with a feedback loop where employees learn-apply-track-improve.


Its like an assembly line. The employees consume the unpersonalized information and then are expected to get results. It's sometimes a checklist kind of achievement.


It's a culture creation. We provide the e-learning environment, mindset, customization to your workplace, and feedback loop so employees can optimize and improve.

Who should use our programs:

Our program is designed for office employees who regularly use computers and don’t have time for face-to-face training. It's a self-directed online training program on healthy workstation habits. Our Program is ideal for: All Current Office Employees -- Human Resources professionals -- Trainers -- Occupational Health and Safety Professionals -- Managers -- New Hires -- etc.


Enhance office safety through ergonomics because healthy workplaces and healthy employees don’t happen by accident. 

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